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Podcast on Liz Lefroy

Liz Lefroy

Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet Liz Lefroy

How would you write about – Michelangelo’s David, your son’s school concert, or a busker in London?

Liz tells us how she approaches a subject, and also treats us to some fact-based poems from her pamphlet Mending the Ordinary, and poems written about parts of an elephant skeleton, from a collaboration with photographer, Alex Ramsay.

In conversation with Nadia Kingsley, Liz Lefroy reads and discusses some of her poems, and how she writes.



Download the Podcast

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The Maligned Species project is a free online resource and opportunity – involving both ecologists and poets : encouraging poetry-writing by YOU on the subject of spiders, frogs, stinging nettles, and grey squirrels – culminating in four poetry ebooks.

Submissions (free) for poetry with a scientific slant, on these four species will be open in January 2016 at

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2 Responses to Podcast on Liz Lefroy

  1. erikleo December 20, 2015 at 11:01 am #

    Thanks Nadia for another engaging discussion. Is anyone else listening? I cant see any other comments!

    • Nadia December 20, 2015 at 11:36 am #

      Oh I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it and it so lovely to have your comments on the website
      Yes !! Others ARE listening – I get some private emails, and also Facebook comments
      but will encourage other website comments when people send in their poems in January as it will certainly strengthen Fair Acre Press’ chances of funding for future projects to be seen to be ‘engaging’ !!!
      which is one of the reasons why I so appreciate you taking the time !!
      BTW there will be a podcast with Jonathan Edwards on Christmas Day.. and then 3 more in January !!!
      All the best, Nadia x

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