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Poetry on Spiders ebook!

Poetry on Spiders ebook cover for website 1

An anthology of poems about the humble british spiders…




Here is one of the poems, by Costa prize winning Jonathan Edwards:

Here’s to the Spiders        Jonathan Edwards

whose At-At legs say Pah to every plughole.
Who make their names in bathtubs and the screeching
of humans. Who are victims of size nines
and the anti-spider prejudice in the media.
Who are ganglier than basketball players.
Who lurk. Who harbour ambitions
to turn into octopi. Who build statues
to themselves when they are scared. Whose bodies
are the blueprint for a superhero
movie franchise. Who evolution has made bloody good
at knitting. Who are out there in the world,
busy conjugating the verb To dingle-
dangle. Who have a good lie in
all day. Who come out at night, on their knit one, purl one
fingers, out of kindness, look, just to teach us
their one lifesaving lesson: Oh when you run you run
damn fast in one direction, sirs. Away.


It’s £2.99 and can bought as an ePub, kindle and PDF- and monies from each sale will be donated to Buglife.

Go here for more details

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