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Poetry on Grey Squirrels PDF


Here is a PDF of the poetry on grey squirrels ebook

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Here is a collection of poems – about Grey Squirrels.

Monies from each ebook sold will be donated to Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Includes poems from commissioned poets: David Calcutt, Keith Chandler, Andrew Fusek Peters, Nadia Kingsley, Liz Lefroy, and Emma Purshouse.

Plus poems from: Richard Archer, Tim Gardiner, Linda Goulden, John Handley, Jan Harris, Steve Harris, Steve Harrison, Charlie Jordan, Gerald Kells, Peter Knaggs, Patricia Leighton, Nina Lewis, Ruth Lowe, Eric Nicholson, Deborah Wargate, Peter Wyton, and Gordon Yapp.

A Sample Poem:

A grey squirrel that has no ears    Nadia Kingsley

I have one in the garden:
When I first saw Jeff he was being chased – around the Aspen –
and, rooting for the undersquirrel, I soon became attached.

I smile when I catch sight of him.
This winter, for example, his fur is glossy, stretched as it is – over
well-filled tummy, his tail so fluffy. It looks like he is doing well.

I can’t know how he lost his ears
or whether he was born with them. And whether his constant show
of white – as if ears flattened, affects him in a social way.

I read to understand him.
Soon realise I know nothing: of kuks, muks and chit-chits or the sound
of stifled sneeze, high up, in ball of leaves and twigs.

I thought I was observant. But as I learn
of tail flicks, and other behaviours, such as in mating,
I suspect that Jeff might need a female name.


Book cover design by Rhys Bevan Jones

Book edited by Nadia Kingsley

Part of the Maligned Species project





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