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Wilderland: Wildlife and Wonder from the Shropshire Borders

WILDERLAND Wildlife and Wonder from the Shropshire Borders
By Andrew Fusek Peters

Photography 297mm x 210mm landscape hardback
160 pp, full colour photographs throughout
Publication date: 22nd April 2016
ISBN 9781911048039




WILDERLAND, explores the extraordinary wildlife & stunning landscapes of Shropshire & the borders throughout the four seasons. With sumptuous full photographs, evocative nature writing, lyrical poetry as well as technical information on how the photos were taken, Wilderland brings a hidden county to life.

It’s a lovely book and, above all things, inspiring. ★★★★★ Amateur Photographer

It should have pride of place on any countryside-lover’s shelf    The Countryman

He has captured wonderful images of wildlife on his doorstep   BBC Wildlife Magazine


• Shortlisted for British Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2014 & 2015; and Amateur Photographer of the Year 2015.
• His photos have been used as book & calendar covers, and published in The Times, The Guardian, Amateur Photographer, What Digital Camera, Black & White Photography.
• Andrew has written & edited over 100 books (poetry, plays, novels), and has been translated into 17 languages
• His nature writing memoir ‘Dip’ was highly praised:

The writing is so lyrical, there are moments when words and water fuse together
The Independent


More photos from WILDERLAND are permanently featured on the BBC Wildlife magazine website


Poet, photographer and Countryman contributor Andrew Fusek Peters shares a year of wildlife and landscape adventures in the Shropshire Borders. Stunning photos of insects, birds and mammals share centre stage with images of this beautiful county’s most striking places, interspersed with evocative nature writing and lyrical poetry, in a handsome large-format book that should have pride of place on any countryside-lover’s shelf.
The Countryman Review (August 2016)

There has been a boom in photographers and writers taking flight from urban life to reconnect with Britain’s natural spaces. Bookshelves creak with nature writing by the likes of Robert Macfarlane and Helen Macdonald, and in the pages of this very magazine wildlife and landscape photography is in abundance. The charm and glamour of stepping onto and recording a land teeming with primitive history, and witnessing its inhabitants untethered by social concerns and problems, appeals to all of us. In this collection of wildlife imagery and writing, Andrew Fusek Peters explores the Shropshire borders. It’s a project that seems not to be about an insider looking in and hoping to grab a few award-winning images, but a person using his camera to step into the world and, with some luck, bring something back that can be cherished and preserved on the most personal level. It’s a lovely book and, above all things, inspiring. ★★★★★
Amateur Photographer Review (2nd June 2016)

His images have a lyrical quality, he presents them with a passion that’s both inspiring and engaging
Ben Osborne, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007

This is the best kind of book – lyrical, entertaining and beautiful. Andrew’s photos take my breath away. When he writes about his wild encounters, his love of nature is so infectious it makes me want to smile and get outside.
Mairi Eyres, Young Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015

Among the current crop of British nature writers, he deserves a prominent place.
Piers Moore Ede, Times Literary Supplement

Here is an article by Andrew Fusek Peters, commissioned by on-landscape


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