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This book-baby needs MIDWIVES :)

Fair Acre Press is SO proud to be publishing the paperback edition of Matthew Oates’ new book Beyond Spring – Wanderings through Nature.

I am still pinching myself about how this actually came about – but you know how things can work out… and Matthew and I have been in close contact, and worked together for the past seven years now

Beyond Spring, Matthew and I have worked so well together – in fact it has been an absolute joy! – and Matthew has created the book he has lived his whole life to write.

It is a book for both Nature lovers, and for those who think they can get along fine without it..

The chapters are short and rich.

The book’s father is so happy with it.
Its Aunt is busy preparing a wonderful home for it.

Will you help bring it, and its HARDBACK twin into the world?

If you would like to donate a £1 or whatever, or buy the HARDBACK edition for £15 plus p&p then click here where you can read more, and easily and safely help this book ease its way into the world 🙂 (you can guest-plegde now which is even quicker…)

Thanks ! Nadia x



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