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Twelve SELIMA HILL pamphlets!!

I don’t have quite all the endorsements through yet but I couldn’t wait a moment longer to share my news!

Fair Acre Press is publishing twelve SELIMA HILL pamphlets!!!

We will release a new pamphlet at the start of every month in 2022

We will be holding a very celebratory zoom event on Sunday 16th January 3pm to 4:30pm with TWELVE of the amazing poets who have endorsed Selima Hill’s pamphlets!

You will be able to buy any pamphlet individually of course (links to follow. I have sent the first pamphlet to the printers today for a hard copy proof to send to Selima)

But we are also offering a package of all TWELVE pamphlets – and we will send a package every month, hot off the press, to your chosen address

All the details of the WHAT TO WEAR IN BED 12 pamphlet BUM-per package can be found here

I have been so privileged to have been in regular handwritten correspondence with Selima Hill since January 2021.
Thank you Neil Astley and Nell Nelson for recommending Fair Acre Press to Selima Hill in the first place.
I can’t wait to share these pamphlets with you all and to celebrate this wonderful poet throughout 2022!!

Please do share this news around the world!

Nadia x



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