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Winner of Poetry Category, Rubery Book Awards 2016

I once knew a poem COVER for website 1Well – this news was completely unexpected! And absolutely wonderful:

Emma Purshouse and Catherine Pascall Moore’s children’s poetry book: I Once Knew a Poem Who Wore a Hat is the the POETRY CATEGORY WINNER in the Rubery Book Awards 2016!!

For more details go here

This is what the judges said about the book:

Lots of wonderful imaginative and outrageous poems in this collection which is full of the charms and idiosyncrasies of childhood. It’s easy to see how children could love these breezy poems and become attached to them. One could easily imagine them being learnt by heart and repeated in playgrounds. The illustrations by Catherine Pascall Moore are quirky and appropriate. The hints about, for example, the best way to learn a poem or how to speak a poem aloud, are unusual in a book of this sort and never patronising.

It is a really lovely write- up, isn’t it?

There are also reviews here and here

The book is currently competing in The People’s Book Award – you can read comments, and vote for it if you’d like here

If you are a teacher or school librarian, or know someone in a primary school please do let them know about the book, thanks x

Gosh. I am so very proud of Emma and Cath – and humbled by this achievement.

As always I would like to thank our Kickstarter supporters – who helped get this book in print in the first place.

It is such a happy interesting, fun book with all lengths of poems and pictures that have so much detail and interest in them, well – as A.F.Harrold says

“Bubbling with wisdom and silliness”

and is highly original and much-needed in the current curriculum with its fantastic performance tips

Wheeeee !!


Nadia x

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