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Straight talking, strange and darkly funny, these poems walk the pathway between the bewilderment and the surprising comforts of becoming an old woman.

‘cosy in our large expensive swimwear’

All the women the poet has been, seem to make their appearances in this marvellous feat of magic; of facecloths, the gratitude of warm underwear on a heated towel-rail and an amazing tenderness. Selima Hill at her best!

Deborah Alma

These new poems, trenchant and suave, see Hill in charge of all she surveys. As wry in tone as ever, the experience of aging is addressed with nonchalant jest beyond which we glimpse universal hard truths. Her world is energetically peopled with seagulls, pigs, the Messiah.  And throughout Hill’s bracingly-lyrical wit sparkles with astonishing immediacy and purpose, as do the wondrous conversations with the self.

Penelope Shuttle

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