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A Winter Solstice Cheer !!

Thank you all so very much for your interest and support – in sharing, retweeting, and pledging money to our Kickstarter campaign – which closes in a couple of hours but has already reached its target… and beyond !!
I can’t tell you how grateful and humbled I am by your support –

and so as an early Christmas present here is a poem by Emma Purshouse, and an illustration by Catherine Pascall Moore – which will, in April 2016 – be found together, between the covers of “I once knew a poem who wore a hat”. Hooray !!!

This poem is a particular favourite mine, as it was a Christmas tradition – throughout my niece and nephew’s childhoods  -that we decorated the Christmas Cake together – unfortunately one of them was not so artistic as the other, but as it is a charitable time of the year we included his (oops!) sausage-shaped offerings and called them Christmas snakes…



christmas snakes


     Christmas tree snakes  

      Did I see that tinsel
      slither round the tree?
      Can anyone hear that hissing
      or is it only me?
      Was that bauble blinking
      as it swirled and caught the light?
      Or was it a reptilian eye
      shining clear and bright?




Wishing you all a happy, warm, well time  Nadia x

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