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Chris Kinsey news

I was delighted to hear the news that one of Chris Kinsey’s recent poems was longlisted in the Paper Swans competition

The judge Wendy Pratt says this:

On the Ceri Ridgeway by Chris Kinsey
This poem is full of movement; it moves the reader along, blowing them this way and that. I like how the poem is grounded in place names and how these become stepping stones, driving the reader through some beautiful imagery: a raven turns a snapped pine into a totem is a particularly nice line. And then the last line, hairpin as a verb. Wonderful.
This poem obviously is not in her most recent collection, but is on similar themes

From Rowan Ridge is a joyous and transformative book. The natural world bursts from every page but these are not simply descriptions. In them, Chris Kinsey is keeping faith with the best purposes of poetry, and with the countryside she knows and loves so well.”

Fiona Sampson

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