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David Morley endorses!

New poetry and art pamphlet by Stella Wulf

David Morley says: Stella Wulf’s A Spell in the Woods contains powerful, compelling poems of natural observation: of seeing and listening to the world around us and recreating their second life in language.

David Cooke adds: In A Spell in the Woods, Stella Wulf shows herself to be a worthy successor to Ted Hughes, Mary Oliver and Andrew Young. As a  pictorial artist we might not be surprised that she has such a clear-eyed focus upon the natural world, but what an ear she has as well! These are poems that need to be read aloud, and repeatedly, to savour their intricate harmonies. Seemingly timeless, they are all too urgently contemporary in a world we are polluting with ‘the silt of entitlement, a flood of insouciance.’

Fancy reading a poem or buying a copy – then click here

Thank you Stella/ Claire!!!

A beautiful gift to yourself and others.

Pub date is 4th Feb but if ordered now I should be able to get it to you much sooner

Take care, Nadia x

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