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Fame at last :)

Hi everyone

last week was a busy one. I was on Northampton radio, interviewed for the Sunday Tribune and recorded for Spoken Label podcast by Andy N (I will share this when its aired in about a month)

Mostly I was talking about The Word Bin

With 75 episodes completed and more to come my hope of keeping this podcast going is looking good. The reaction of people to it is great

for example: A.Rafael de Silva in Portugal : who said in an email (and has given me permission to repeat it publicly!) ~
“It’s a super interesting idea with creative results that not only tell us about people, but leave us thinking.”

I have set up a Patreon site for it. You can find out more about that, how to listen to it and how to join in here


I will be very grateful if you spread the WORD about THE WORD BIN to anyone you think may be interested


Nadia x

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