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“Inspired in Caersws” festival – a date for your diaries?

a photo of farm buildings and countryside. This is what Mid Wales Arts Centre is based!

Mid Wales Arts Centre – a converted farm surrounded by Caersws countryside

Cathy Knapp, at Mid Wales Arts Centre, and I are so delighted to be able to announce that thanks to the financial support of the Arts Council Wales – we will be holding a festival of poetry, music and art – at Mid Wales Arts Centre on April 21st and April 22nd 2018 called INSPIRED IN CAERSWS  ( I pronounce this care -soos – am I right or should it be  Cire-soos?! It IS North Wales!)

The festival is programmed;  all we need to do now (ha ha) is set up the ticketing system, the webpages, etc etc

But as it really quite soon – we wanted to let you know IMMEDIATELY that it is happening in the hope that you will cordon off that weekend – at least until you have seen what is on offer

This festival is to celebrate the ten years that Mid Wales Arts Centre has been in existence. Cathy Knapp is an extraordinary tour-de-force with a love of everything creative and of collaborations

I am so lucky to be working alongside her and we are so looking forward to welcoming you all and sharing some lovely times together

Nadia x

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