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Meet David Calcutt: April 22nd at Mid Wales Arts!

David Calcutt is well known for his wonderful readings throughout the West Midlands and beyond. Like the other 2 poets with him he is a generous giving reader. If you dont know his work – come along!! If you do I imagine you have already booked your tickets

You will notice there isnt an endorsement next to his collection below… this is because it is so hot off the press it is scorching!! Not due out until July – you will have a chance to buy a copy on the 22nd…


See you there! Look at all the other wonderful events! Nadia xx

Sunday 22nd April  3 to 5pm Poetry in the Afternoon – David Calcutt, Keith Chandler & Gregory Leadbetter.    BUY NOW


Three of my favourite poets will read from their recent works. If you don’t know their poetry yet – I hope that you too will be as taken by it as I am. Three very different poetic approaches and voices – but each in keeping with ‘Ceriog’s desire for “simplicity of diction and emotional sincerity”

Keith Chandler and The Goldsmith’s Apprentice
“A wonderful and generous book. The poems welcome you in and hold your attention with their deftness, attentiveness and joy-in-making.” – David Morley
Gregory Leadbetter and The Fetch 
“A collection full of quiet intent, testifying to “the overwhelming importance of love.”’ – Jo Bell
About David Calcutt:

David Calcutt was born and lives in the West Midlands.
He has written many plays for both theatre and radio and published several novels and stories for children, as well as four pamphlets of poetry: OutlawsRoad Kill, Through the Woods, and The Old Man in the House of Bone.
The last of the light is not the last of the light  (Fair Acre Press, 2018) is David Calcutt’s first full poetry collection. Not published until July 2nd, 2018 – it will be in print and available at this festival


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