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Photos of Inspired in Caersws festival!

All photos © Isaac 2018… Thanks to everyone who came! What a wonderful weekend!!!! Thank you Cathy Knapp for sumptuous food, drink, welcome and for sharing Mid Wales Arts with us! Happy Tenth anniversary! You are a one-in-a -million Cathy! Thank you Arts Council Wales so much for your support – without which we could not have kept ticket prices low and paid the poets and musicians a fair wage.

Thank YOU for being part of a wonderful weekend!!!!

Giancarlo Facchinetti has recorded the events of the weekend and in time we will be able to share live-to-digital podcasts of some of the weekend with you. Meanwhile.. if a picture tells a thousand words… these photos have saved me writing, and YOU reading a dissertation!!

Oh. And now I know why festival organisers thank their volunteers so much. My goodness. Nothing would have happened without Pat Edwards, Paul, Tony, Gian, Cathy, John Evans, Isobel, Helen Sandler and so many more. I am forever in your debt xx

Thank you Casia Wiliam for running such an inspiring workshop at Caersws school!!

Nadia x


PS Think this looks like it was fun?

See you 8th and 9th June at Welshpool Poetry Festival !! Details here!!

Book soon… there may be one or two workshop spaces left, but it is all proving VERY popular, unsurprisingly!, so don’t delay!!

Organised by the wonderful Pat Edwards it will be my chance to help out !!




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