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One year on… Lisa Blower’s Sitting Ducks update

Sitting Ducks is shortlisted for the Arnold Bennett Literary Fellowship Award 2017 – the results of this will be announced in September 2017

It has attracted some great endorsements and reviews – I would particularly like to thank Stuart Maconie, Catherine Burgass, Kit de Waal, Writing West Midlands, National Writer’s Conference, Anna Dreda and the wonderful team at Wenlock Books, Pengwern Books and Shrewsbury Festival of Literature, Burway Books, the whole of Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham Waterstones, Signature Books UK and Central Books, Danuta Kean – for your particular incredible support. Thank you Lisa for writing it and allowing Fair Acre Press to publish it!

When I first read this book 2 years ago I had no plans to publish a novel. But I couldn’t help myself – it is such a good read!!.

For more on Sitting Ducks by Lisa Blower – go here

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