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Recent Reviews of Sitting Ducks, by Lisa Blower

I have fallen behind with the recent reviews of  Sitting Ducks cover for website 1 by    Lisa Blower, Sitting Ducks launch.©GeoffTaylor Photographyjpg Here are snippets and a link to the full reviews.  A HUGE thank you goes out to the reviewers. If you would like to review it we would be extremely grateful if you either commented on the Fair Acre Press website, or if you write amazon reviews… reviews there would be really helpful to getting the book seen by more people, thanks.

Contemporary Small Press – Although Blower does not shy away from the grim realities of parts of post-industrial Britain, the novel’s strength lies in its frenetic pacing and pitch-black humour which makes Sitting Ducks anything but a struggle. The ‘plot’ of the novel is at times undoubtedly bleak, yet the rhythm and force of Blower’s linguistically dexterous prose gives Sitting Ducks an urgency its subject matter deserves.

New Welsh Review – This novel is plainly one with serious political intent. Partisan without being preachy, Sitting Ducks both entertains and engages. A genuine pleasure to read.

Herald Scotland – This is an Angry Young Woman to watch.

The Writes of Woman – Sitting Ducks is an impassioned response to the damage the Conservative Party has wreaked on UK industry and the many families whose livelihood depended upon it. It reminded me of the excellent 1996 drama Our Friends in the North and is a worthy addition to the canon of working class literature.

Go here for the full reviews

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