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Blueprints for a Minefield


by Shauna Robertson
36pp +4pp poetry pamphlet
Full colour cover
First published April 2016
210 x 138 mm
Cover Design – Tim Keates, The Fayre

Winner of the 2016 Fair Acre Press Poetry Pamphlet Competition  – judged by 2014 Costa Poetry Award winning Jonathan Edwards
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How far would you go to attract, hold onto, or lose a lover? In Blueprints for a Minefield, we find women trying their luck with Jesus, marrying trees and plotting murder. Meanwhile, one male suitor makes a dessert of himself while another takes mortal risks on a trapeze. James Dean returns from the dead. A fish covets a bicycle. Will anyone find their green grass, their grapefruit moon?

“In these emotive reflections on modern relationships, the formal range – from sestina to prose poem to playscript to Oulipo-inspired textual experiment – is dazzling. Poems like ‘Lead Me on with My Eyes Blindfolded’ and ‘The Woman Who Married an Oak’ are laugh-out-loud funny.

Above all, though, it is the astonishing originality of Shauna Robertson’s voice – ‘If the hair could be blonder still and grown and grown until it transcends state lines,’ ‘I’m not against standing up straight so long as I don’t look too tall or too short or too medium or like a loudspeaker’ – that stands out.”

Jonathan Edwards

“Witty, energetic and original, Shauna Robertson’s Blueprints for a Minefield is a delightful read and a most welcome debut.”

Carrie Etter

“Shauna Robertson has written a rich, compelling book of poetry that deserves to be widely read.

Blueprints for a Minefield is full of standout poems. Sometimes heartbreaking, often funny, this is a wholly original pamphlet.”

James O’Leary for Sabotage Reviews   Go here for the full review

David Troman for Orbis #178 magazine (excerpt):

“If Alice wanted to impress the Queen of Hearts with poetry, this is the book she would read. Initially, it seems surreal.

However, by the time you’ve read half a dozen pages, the surreal is accepted as the norm, and your brain directed beyond conventional perception by Robertson’s vivid imagery.

… An entertaining, sometimes challenging read – why not take up the challenge?”


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