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Poetry on Frogs ebook


a poetry ePub ebook
based on prompts and podcast by naturalist Nigel Brown
as part of the Maligned Species project

This e-book is supplied in epub format, which is viewable with a free reader app (you need to find one that works well with your particular phone or tablet). More information on epub files here

Go here for a PDF version of Poetry on Frogs


Here is a collection of poems – about Frogs.

Monies from each ebook sold will be donated to Froglife.

Includes poems by commissioned poets:  David Calcutt, Keith Chandler, Jonathan Edwards, Andrew Fusek Peters, and Emma Purshouse.

Also poems from: Romalyn Ante, Tim Gardiner, Jan Harris, Steve Harris, Mark Haworth-Booth, Angi Holden, Chris Kinsey, Ruth Lowe, Rachel McGladdery, Michael Newman, Michael Roc Thomas, Laila Nadia Sumpton, Richard Westcott, Juliet Wilson and Gordon Yapp.

This ebook is suitable for smartphones, e-readers, and tablets including the iPad.


A sample poem:

Land Fit for Heroes      Emma Purshouse

You survived Cat’s Paw Attack,
escaped Heron’s Throat, Corvid’s Beak,
evaded capture at Otter’s Holt,
avoided outbreaks of red leg

and now you’re lying in this rut
a ragged band of brothers
in camouflage fatigues, smiles fixed
like bayonets. How did it come to this?

The sun drying out your moist skin,
golden eyes blinking in disbelief.
The blue print you’ve carried with you
has done you wrong. You’re scuppered.

Scents of place picked up as tadpoles
crust in your nostrils. Welcome home, boys.
Your loving sweethearts are long gone,
the natal pond’s filled in. Life moved on.

Book cover design by Paul Kielty

Book edited by Nadia Kingsley

Part of the Maligned Species project



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