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Poetry on Stinging Nettles ebook


a poetry ePub ebook
based on prompts and podcast by naturalist Matthew Oates
as part of the Maligned Species project

This e-book is supplied in epub format, which is viewable with a free reader app. More information on epub files here

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Here is a collection of poems – about Stinging Nettles.

Monies from each ebook sold will be donated to Plantlife.

Includes poems by commissioned poets: David Calcutt,  Andrew Fusek Peters, Nadia Kingsley, Liz Lefroy, Emma Purshouse, and John Siddique.

Also poems from: Deb Alma, Jean Atkin, Carole Bromley, Tina Cole, Linda Goulden, Jan Harris, Steve Harris, Angi Holden, Janet Jenkins, Chris Kinsey, Sharon Larkin, Patricia Leighton, Mandy Mcdonald, Alwyn Marriage, Rosie Mapplebeck, Gillian Mellor, Nicky Phillips, Pauline Prior-Pitt, Antoinette Rock, Helen Seys Llewellyn, Sophie Starkey, Claire Stephenson, Giles Turnbull, and Deborah Wargate.

This ebook is suitable for smartphones, e-readers, and tablets including the iPad.

A Sample Poem:

On Your Mettle     Andrew Fusek Peters

In bronze-age burial, you wrapped up the dead
Your shroud then a net with a watery spread
Later, stung and flung on tired Roman thighs
Marching, self-flogging for miles under skies
Camouflaged with a squeeze, the perfect dye
Tonic for fever when the blood runs high
Your juice suited labor, the tip to be chewed,
For a rash, its own remedy was pursued
Today you’re a weapon that has attacked
Infections of the Urinary tract.
Hippocrates found for you sixty one uses,
But all you are given is a rash of abuses
So stand up and hear this song that I sing,
You who are so much more than a sting.


Book cover design by Peter Tinkler

Book edited by Nadia Kingsley

Part of the Maligned Species project



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