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Painting by Pixels


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Publication date 24th July 2018

ISBN: 978-1-911048-34-3


How to draw and paint on your mobile device

by Workshop leaders Paul Kielty and Nadia Kingsley

This E-book is based on workshops that visual artists Paul Kielty and Nadia Kingsley ran in 2018.

We wanted to run these workshops because we, along with our fellow artists Giancarlo Facchinetti and Isaac have found drawing and painting on our tablets to be a freeing and fascinating experience.

If you have a tablet, an ipad or a smartphone you will be able to download painting apps.

This ebook is based on the 2018 edition of SketchBook – draw and paint by Autodesk Inc. which is a free app that is available on all android tablets, most modern iPads, and mobile phones. We found that iPads that are about 5 years old or more, and some of the cheapest mobile devices, could not download this app. Do not despair! Like anything computerey… the language is the same in other drawing apps so if you learn some of the things that you can do on this app you will then find it much easier to use other drawing apps. Once you know some of the “language” – you can then try a different app.

This eBook is not a comprehensive guide. But we hope that you find it helpful!

It includes screenshots of the SketchBook app to help you find where certain icons are.

It also includes examples of work from the workshops at the wonderful Derwen College, in Gobowen and Designs in Mind, in Oswestry.

It starts with a few essentials and then, along with examples we will start to show you what the app can help you do.

Once you start playing with it we think you will really enjoy experimenting and finding your own style, or just enjoy doodling the odd ten minutes away…

This is part of the Painting by Pixels project which has been supported by public funding through Arts Council England. Click here to read more about the project.




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