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Poetry on Frogs PDF


Here is a PDF of the poetry on frogs ebook

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Here is a collection of poems – about Frogs.

Monies from each ebook sold will be donated to Froglife.

Includes poems by commissioned poets: David Calcutt, Keith Chandler, Jonathan Edwards, Andrew Fusek Peters, and Emma Purshouse.

Also poems from: Romalyn Ante, Tim Gardiner, Jan Harris, Steve Harris, Mark Haworth-Booth, Angi Holden, Chris Kinsey, Ruth Lowe, Rachel McGladdery, Michael Newman, Michael Roc Thomas, Laila Nadia Sumpton, Richard Westcott, Juliet Wilson and Gordon Yapp.

A sample poem…

Frog Schooling Chris Kinsey
1. Frog Playgroup (a poem in three parts)

Forget Goldilocks, Humpty-Dumpty, Jack & Jill,
Froggy Boggy set her on a quest: up the street,
under the hill and out along the stagnant stream.

Don’t slip over in the ooze and slime.

Froggy Boggy
Tried to jump
On a stone
And got a bump.

Chanting drowns the big kid’s rhymes.

She crawls away to her nursery of reeds.
Miniature frogs with trigger tails
come catapulting off lilies and duckweed.

Gulp. Gulp. Such golden eyes.
Caught in crossfire –
Love at first leap:

It makes her eyes
Wink and frown
And turns her nose
Upside down.

Snubby noses rub, rub, rub.
She keeps her lips shut tight
for fear of kissing them into princes.


Book cover design by Paul Kielty

Book edited by Nadia Kingsley

Part of the Maligned Species project



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