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Sphinx reviews The Quilted Multiverse, by Jill Munro

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Here is a lovely review of Jill Munro’s competition winning poetry pamphlet “The Quilted Multiverse”

Reviewer, Charlotte Gann, writes –

The colourful collection wends its way through various scenarios, characters and fabrics. ‘We’re pinnied’ at the start of ‘The Mix’, served by a ‘green-striped girl’ in ‘Checkout’, watch as ‘Rose Grows Old’, reaching for ‘a tarnished hipflask’ from an ‘inner pocket in her wool’.

Alice trips through Wonderland in ‘Girl in a Bright Blue Dress’. And movingly a lost sister is recalled, in ‘Linda’s Bedroom’: her floor ‘strewn with Simplicity patterns // for minis and hot-pants; velvet, crimping shears, / hooks & eyes.’

It seems striking, then, that the whole patchwork should end as it does—without a single stitch—in ‘Down Hill Road’.


Huge thanks to Charlotte, Helena Nelson, Sphinx  and HappenStance, Nadia x

For more about the pamphlet itself click here

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