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Stella Wulf Review – London Grip

Hi Everyone!

I am delighted to share a review by Rachael Smart that can be read in full if you click here – on the London Grip website

Here is a short quote:

“This is a beautiful collection which takes readers off-track to observe a natural world flushed with life and movement. Fairy tale politics and folklore bring complexity to the poems and a fresh perspective much needed, particularly in respect of female narratives… The poems in this collection are accompanied by exquisite line drawings in pen and ink with just a smudge of colour. The illustrations are heavy on black contrast and make limited use of white space to ensure the finest of detail. This fusion of word and picture gives the wild a rare accessibility and also fires reader’s senses at multiple levels.”

A Spell in the Woods is available here where you can read other endorsements, and see its first image and poem

Nadia x

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