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You may want to vote for WILDERLAND: Wildlife and wonder from the Shropshire Borders by Andrew Fusek Peters – in The People’s Book Awards

Here are a few recent comments on the website:

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book, having seen some of the author’s photographs online. The physical book does not disappoint; a true thing of beauty.
I’ve lived for over four decades in Shropshire, working as an ecologist for a significant period of that time yet I feel humbled by the beauty that Andrew so beautifully describes and displays. A very rare and shining jewel of a book.
This is simply breathtaking. The images are extraordinary – how can one man take a photo of a dragonfly and the next moment the moon, and the next the mists over rolling landscape at dawn? And the writing is just enough, lyrical, even with some poems that take you into the moment the photograph was taken. PLUS the latin names, and the technical details of how each photo was taken… This is a celebration of wildlife and landscapes everywhere!

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