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WILDERLAND – is a critical success!

The Countryman August 2016 – Andrew Fusek Peters’ article on Spotted flycatchers

I must say I didn’t know the post-publishing part of bookmaking could be so pleasurable. But as I read Andrew Fusek Peters’ charming story on the Spotted Flycatcher in this month’s The Countryman magazine, and flick to its Review pages to read their review which couldn’t BE more praising – I do feel I have a sixth sense when rooting out some of the best authors and creatives around.

Magazine editors all over the country agree with me: That Andrew Fusek Peters is one extraordinary man!

I still don’t quite understand how one man can take spectacular photos of a dragonfly, a swallow in flight feedings its chick, and the Milky Way over Nipstone – as well as write so well both in prose and poetry.
I am so delighted for both Andrew, and WILDERLAND that the book is getting National coverage – by The Countryman, BBC Wildlife magazine, Amateur Photographer and also that his photos are being published in all the National newspapers – with more in the pipeline. I am also so pleased that at £24.95 everyone is exclaiming what a bargain it is – with its 160 page of full colour landscape and wildlife photography.

Copies are selling all over the country as it may be based in Shropshire but as The Countryman writes: It should have pride of place on any countryside-lover’s shelf

Thanks for letting me vent my love and admiration both for the book, and its author – and not forgetting Tim Keates who was the graphic design genius behind every page. More here. Nadia x

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