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Meet Menna Elfyn. Headlining event 21st April £12

I probably don’t need to introduce Menna Elfyn.

A wonderful award winning poet and playwright and the most translated and travelled of all Welsh poets.

She has written plays for television and radio and is the author of over 20 books.

She is the first woman to be made Professor of Poetry & Creative Writing at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David; and is Honorary President of Wales PEN Cymru. Again – a master of words and truths and images you will dive right into.


And you get to hear the TS Eliot shortlisted poet Robert Minhinnick and the wonderful music of Dianne Drummond and friends in the same evening too!!

The event will be in English with a few poems in Welsh – these will be translated by Robert Minhinnick


Menna Elfyn is one of the foremost Welsh-language writers. As well as being an award- winning poet, she has published plays, libretti and children’s novels, and co-edited The Bloodaxe Book of Modern Welsh Poetry (2003) with John Rowlands. Her books include two bilingual selections, Eucalyptus: Detholiad o Gerddi / Selected Poems 1978-1994 (Gomer Press, 1995), and Perfect Blemish: New & Selected Poems / Perffaith Nam: Dau Ddetholiad & Cherddi Newydd 1995-2007 (Bloodaxe Books, 2007), a Welsh-only selection Merch Perygl: Cerddi 1976-2011 (Gomer Press, 2011), and two later dual language collections from Bloodaxe, Murmur (2012), a Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation, and Bondo (October 2017). Her literary memoir Llyfr Menna Elfyn / Menna Elfyn’s Book will be published by Barddas in March 2018. Menna Elfyn was Wales’s National Children’s Laureate in 2002, and was made President of Wales PEN Cymru in 2014. She was, until 2016, Creative Director in the School of Cultural Studies at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David; she is also Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing. When not travelling the world for readings and residencies, she lives in Carmarthen.

Menna Elfyn yw un o feirdd mwyaf blaenllaw Cymru. Ar wahân i ennill gwobrau am ei barddoniaeth, y mae wedi cyhoeddi libretti, nofelau i blant ac wedi golygu ar y cyd gyda’r diweddar John Rowlands, The Bloodaxe Book of Modern Welsh Poetry (2003). Cyhoeddwyd dwy gyfrol ddwyieithog Eucalyptus: Detholiad o Gerddi/Selected Poems 1978-1994 ( Gwasg Gomer. 1995) a Perfect Blemish: New & Selected Poems/ Perffaith Nam:Dau Ddetholiad a Cherddi Newydd 1995- 2007 (Bloodaxe Books, 2007), cyfrol Gymraeg Merch Perygl: Cerddi 1976-2011 ( Gwasg Gomer, 2011), a dwy gyfrol ddwyieithog arall o wasg Bloodaxe, Murmur (2012) , a enillodd gymeradwyaeth Cymdeithas Llyfrau Barddoniaeth, a Bondo, ( Hydref 2017). Bydd ei LLên Gofiant, LLyfr Menna Elfyn yn ymddangos o Wasg Barddas ym mis Mawrth 2018. Bu’n Fardd Plant Cymru yn 2002 a’i dewis yn Llywydd Wales PEN Cymru yn 2014. Tan 2016, roedd yn Gyfarwyddwr Creadigol Ysgol Astudiaethau Diwylliannol Prifysgol Cymru, Y Drindod Dewi Sant ac yn Athro Barddoniaeth ac Ysgrifennu Creadigo ynol. Pan nad yw’n teithio’r byd i ddarlleniadau a phreswyliadau, mae’n byw yng Nghaerfyrddin.

The details of the events are below. and click the big purple BUY Now below to get your tickets from the safe and very easy eventbrite website

See you there I hope!!  Nadia xx


Saturday 21st April 2018:

7:30 to 10pm     DON’T JUST HEAR, LISTEN – Robert Minhinnick, Menna Elfyn, Diane Drummond and band.    BUY NOW

£12 full price 

£8 concessions


Photo of Robert Minhinnick/ Llun o Robert Minhinnick

Robert Minhinnick

A photo of Menna Elfyn/Llun o Menna Elfyn

Menna Elfyn

Readings by T.S.Eliot shortlisted Robert Minhinnick, Welsh language Menna Elfyn who Robert has translated, and the extraordinary voice and presence of Diane Drummond – with friends.

Ian McMillan missed not just his own train stop when reading The Diary of the Last Man – Robert Minhinnick’s 2017 TS Eliot-shortlisted book, but several. I can understand that. I could hardly breathe reading his poetry – which is spare with its language but filled with imagery and profound truths.

He is one of Menna Elfyn’s regular translators too so we will have the privilege of hearing both poet and translator read some of Menna’s poetry as well as Menna herself read English translations.





A photo of Diane Drummond/ Llun o Diane Drummond

Diane Drummond

Diane Drummond has the most amazing voice, and a generosity in her performance that you will be able to relax into – but not for long – you may cry, you may dance, and if you are like me you will most certainly whoop!

 Joined by fellow musicians Peter Ryan on bass guitar and Marc Estibero on acoustic guitar. All 3 are accomplished musicians, sharing a love of their own personal styles added to their favourite songs.

The band plays and sings contemporary jazz, blues, gospel, soul, folk and all in between.

Diane’s voice has been described as a fine smooth and velvet chocolate with her own added notes in between.


“Don’t just hear, listen” – their motto but one I have purloined, with their permission, for the title of this whole event

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