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the podcast team – Nadia Kingsley, presenter

When I had the idea for the Maligned Species project I had not thought through how the podcasts would really work.
Tom Wentworth, our producer –  excelled in his research of different  podcasts – then declared, to my horror, that he wanted my voice kept in when it came to the editing.
Luckily, I have made several appearances on BBC Radio Shropshire over the last five years, and in e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g: The History of the Universe in 45 minutes –  three of us spoke directly into the audiences’ ears via silent disco headphones




I have had such fun meeting up with the four ecologists and nine poets that we recorded (well, the ninth was me – so Tom Wentworth takes the interviewer’s mike in this one podcast!)
I hope you like the conversational style, and have enjoyed them.

It has been such a wonderful experience that I am now thinking about the possibilities of doing more podcasts in the future, and have become a bit of a podcast-listening-addict
But meanwhile the professional presenters such as Brett Westwood have my ENORMOUS respect  !




Would you like YOUR poem to be included in the Poetry on Spiders, Frogs,  Grey Squirrels or Stinging Nettles ebooks? – which will be available to buy from February 2016 for £2.99 each

If so – check here before 29 January 2016 – to see how to submit your poem(s)

The Maligned Species project is a poetry-writing project with podcasts and writing from four ecologists, and nine poets: to encourage poetry-writing with a more scientific slant and is free for all to enjoy, and be involved. And the podcasts will remain as a permanent free resource on the fair acre press website

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