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Poems on Spiders, Grey Squirrels, Stinging Nettles and Frogs welcomed!

Frog Book Cover

by Paul Kielty

We do hope you have been enjoying the podcasts and the writing from our four ecologists and nine poets.
Maligned Species is an Arts Council England funded project – hoping to encourage YOU to write poetry with a more scientific slant than you are, perhaps, used to…

Through reading the prompts written by Brett Westwood, Matthew Oates, John Handley and Nigel Brown, listening to their podcasts, listening to the Poet’s podcasts, doing your own research and observation we hope that you feel inspired and challenged to write poems about spiders, stinging nettles, grey squirrels and/ or frogs !!

You may well have already written a poem – if so, hooray !

If you haven’t – you have until the end of January !

Please do send your poems in to: at any time during January 2016 – and we will choose which poems to include in the four poetry ebooks, which will be on sale from February for £2.99



Please re-send with the email address above – I have had a couple of reports of problems with the original email..Sorry! Nadia x


You will be agreeing to its publication in an ebook, and its publication in a printed book in the possible future.
It will be accepted as truth by Fair Acre Press that the name on the poem is the person who has written the poem,without infringing any copyright laws – here is a link to help clear up some of these complicated copyright issues
If you are aged 12 to 18 – please say this in your email – as we will need an adult’s agreement to publish your poem
Include your name, email address, and also, if you have it, a web page link
e.g. mine is
– as we will link your name to the web page within the ebook, so readers can find out more about you, if they like your poem
Any poem should not have been previously published, as it should have been written during this project
Any feedback about the project – good, or bad – would be extremely helpful

write to you to let you know if we are including your poem(s) in any of the four ebooks

send you a copy of the ebook your poem(s) are featured in – as a thank you !

donate profit from the sale of the ebooks to Shropshire Wildlife Trust (Grey Squirrels), Buglife (Spiders), Plantlife (Stinging Nettles), and Froglife (Frogs)


DO SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER on Fair Acre Press website (bottom of page) to be kept updated.

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