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Introducing the Maligned Species team: Emma Purshouse

Poet, Writer, Performer, Emma Purshouse.



Cover image: Catherine Pascall Moore


Emma Purshouse says:

I like to write about the underdog, and the things that are often overlooked or undervalued, so the idea of looking in closer detail at ‘maligned species’ certainly appeals. I agreed to be involved because Nadia Kingsley asked me! I’ve worked with Nadia on projects before. I know that the ideas she comes up with are exciting, and the sorts of things that are likely to take me in a different direction as a writer. I’ve also found that I like the challenge of trying to convey aspects of science via the medium of poetry. I’m keen to learn more about the subject matter and would like to create accessible new work on the given theme. I’ve started making notes about nettle stings, having inadvertently backed into a bank of them while having a photograph taken the other day!

Maligned Species: Poetry. Science. And you.


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