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Introducing the Maligned Species team: David Calcutt

Poet, Playwright, Novelist: David Calcutt


Ted Hughes Festival 2014


cover: Nadia Kingsley

David Calcutt is a playwright, poet and novelist. He has written many plays for the theatre and for BBC radios 3 and 4. Several of his plays for young people are published by Oxford University Press. He has also published three novels with Oxford and one with Barefoot Books. He has three pamphlets of poetry published by Iron Press and Fair Acre Press. His most recent works for theatre are The White Shining Land for Midland Actors Theatre, and The Life and Times of the Tat Man for Regional Voice Theatre, which has been on tour since April 2014. He lives in Walsall in the West Midlands.

David Calcutt says:

 I’ve written quite a bit about animals and the natural world, and came to a point where I felt I hadn’t anything fresh to say about those subjects. Then, when I was asked by Nadia to take part in this project, it did seem to offer the opportunity to approach writing about the natural world with a fresh pair of eyes, a re-invigorated imagination. Being involved with scientists, and a scientific point of view, shaping the writing from that, exchanging and discussing the work with other writers, engaging in a direct way with the public, this act of collaboration in writing is something that has always appealed to me, and is one of the things I find most stimulating when working as a playwright. So, the chance to work in a similar way with poetry is especially appealing.


Maligned Species: Poetry. Science. And you.

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